LAC Review for Under 11s

Questions marked with * are required.

We have a meeting called a review to help us look after you.

This is your meeting and it’s about you, so we would like to know things like: * what you think * what you would like to happen in your life * how you are feeling * what you have been doing * and very importantly what you would like to talk about at the review meeting – this can be good * things and things you may be worried about.

Your carer, social worker, advocate or teacher will help you to answer these questions by writing down your answers for you.

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How do you like where you are living? *

I like living here because

Things I don’t like:

How do you get on with the people you live with? *

Is there anything else you want to say?

Do you know why you are living here? *

I am living here because:

Who is your social worker?

Would you like to see your social worker: *

Is there anything more you would like them to do, or do differently? *

I would like my social worker to:

How are you getting on at school? *

Do you want to say anything else about school?

Would you like to see anyone in your family? *

I would like to see more/less of:

Is there anybody else you would like to see? *

I would like to see:

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Is there anything else you would like to be able to do? *

I would like to:

Do you see your friends after school and in the school holidays? *

Do you know who to talk to if you feel sad, upset or angry? *

Do you want to tell us anything else?

Do you know about the Children in Care Council and how to contact them? *

And finally, what do you think about this form? *

My ideas to make the form better are:

Thank you. The form will be given to your Independent Reviewing Officer. They will talk with you before your review meeting and will make sure people at your review meeting listen to and talk about all the things that you tell us are important.