Who can help?

If you want someone to stick up for you and make sure you are heard, a person called an advocate can help you.

“Don’t be afraid to speak out if something or someone is making you sad, however big or small it is. If you’re noticing it, the chances are someone else is as well. Your Social Worker is always there to listen to you and it is important you trust them”

Young Person



 Watch the Advocacy Video

To get an advocate ring: 0800 389 1571 (freephone)

Email: yourvoice@reconstruct.co.uk

An advocate can help you ..

An advocate listens to you and helps you make your voice heard about what is being decided

  • 'The advocate helped me and got everyone at the meeting to explain things'
  • 'I'm shy and I wouldn't have said anything at the meeting if I hadn't had an advocate'
  • 'You can talk to them about things that you can't talk about to your social worker'