Letterbox Club


All children age 7 - 12 will get a parcel in the post once a month from May till October, and be invited to a party in October of each year.

What could be in my parcel?

  • Reading books
  • Maths games
  • Stationary
  • Letters from authors
  • Information about interesting things happening in and around South Gloucestershire

These parcels are yours and all the things belong to you.

Comments from Letterbox Club members:

  • I enjoyed reading my poetry book at my PEP- Frankie
  • I loved the Where’s Wally with the magnifying glass- Liam
  • The party was fun, I liked the man’s (author) teddy bears-Chloe
  • Its great having my own books- Kaitlin

'If my Tracey Beaker were real, she would have relished those parcels’, says Jacqueline Wilson

Information for foster carers about the Letterbox Club click here