Our education



To help you do well at school, you will have..

  • the equipment that you need for school and homework
  • use of a computer at home
  • extra help to catch up if you have been out of school for a time or have changed schools
  • a teacher could meet you at home to help you prepare for an important exam
  • extra help with reading or writing for example
  • contact Steve click here

Steve Claypoole, Lead Teacher For Children in Care

Tel: 01454 863 325

Email: steve.claypoole@southglos.gov.uk

Post: Severnside Education Centre, Charborough Road, Filton  BS34 7RB


Your school  knows you are in care and will help you

Every school has a teacher who understands about being in care.

She or he will make sure that you have all the help you need, and will only talk with you when needed.



Going to school every day is really important if you want to do well. Sometimes, you may not want to go to school if:

  • You are being bullied or teased - get help with this here
  • The teachers treat you differently because you are in care
  • No-one encourages you or praises you
  • You have had to move school, and find it hard to settle in

If you are having problems at school, it is better to talk to someone you trust, as soon as possible. Not dealing with any problems will only make things worse.