My review

This is a meeting about you and your time in care

Regular ‘review’ meetings held by your Independent Reviewing Officer are where all the people involved in looking after you check your care plan.

Your IRO will talk to you on your own before every review to make sure you’re happy and to check how things are going. They’ll want to know about school, hobbies, family and friends.  It is your chance to say whether things are going well or say if you have problems that need to be sorted out.  You decide who comes to your review – for example, you can involve your mum, dad, teacher or friend. Or an advocate can speak on your behalf.  Some young people even run their own review meetings – ask if you want to do this. It’s a great way to feel even in more charge of your life! 

Your views will be listened to before any decisions are taken about your care. You will get a copy of everything that was talked about at the review – in particular all the decisions that were made.

 Your Care Plan

Everyone in care has a care plan. It contains lots of information about you and your plans for the future.

  • It will include the low-down on where you live, when you see your family, your health, education, and what will happen when you leave care.
  • Put it simply, a care plan is one big file about your life. It says what will be done and when will it be done.
  • It includes the details about your care, why you went into care, your parents’ views and your hopes for the future.
  • Part of your care plan is a Personal Education Plan (PEP) which records how you’re doing in school to check you are getting the support you need.
  • You’ll also get a health plan – it’s nothing scary – it just means you’ll get all the health and dental treatment you need.
  • Your care plan will be updated at your review.