My lifestyle

Who I am, and what I need

My Religion


  • We’ll help you with prayers, religious study, ceremonies and festivals.
  • You won’t have to eat foods that you should not eat because of your religion.
  • We’ll help with your clothes and ways of dressing that are acceptable or unacceptable for your religion.
My Language 

The language you were brought up to speak is important. If you  have difficulty with English, we’ll make sure someone interprets what is said and translates written documents for


Black and in care

We want you to see other black people, and to take pride in yourself.

To find out more, try:

  • Reading about race, culture, history and positive identity. There are many books, magazines and newspapers available from newsagents and libraries
  • Meeting other black people and getting involved in local activities. Ask an adult to help you do this
  • Ask your carer or key worker to talk with you about who you are, and explain about your parents’ race and culture