People who look after you


Your parents will always be important to you.   We hope that they will:
  • See you as much as possible
  • Help to decide things about you
  • Help you to see your brothers and sisters

All Children in care have a social worker and an independent reviewing officer. You might also choose to have an advocate. These people make sure you’re safe and happy and will make a massive difference to your life.

  • Foster carer   -   Your foster carer has been carefully chosen to make you feel at home and encourage you to have a good time.   They should look after you like you’re their own child.  They’ll do their best to make you feel happy, do well at school and grow more independent. 
  • Social worker  -   Your social worker will make plans to improve your future.  It is their job to get you what you need to feel safe, secure and to enjoy life.    You should be able to meet your social worker wherever you feel comfortable – just ask them!   And if you ever need to talk, they are there to listen to anything that is worrying you and try to help your family work things out.
  • Independent Reviewing Officer - It’s your Independent Reviewing Officer’s job to make sure you are happy.   They are the person who runs your review meetings, checks your case and makes sure your social worker and South Gloucestershire Council is doing what they should and that your placement is right.  
  • Advocate - An advocate is an independent person who is there to help you and say important things that you may be worried about.   They can give you advice about your rights, speak for you at case review meetings and help you with complaints.    It’s easy to get an advocate, just ask your social worker or foster carer to ring 0800 389 1571 (freephone) or email

An independent visitor

You can have a grown up person who can visit you and become your friend.  Ask your social worker if you would like to have someone like this.