Our Promises Survey: October 2013- February 2014 (5 - 7 year olds)

Questions marked with * are required.

Are you asked which people are important to you? *

How often do you have contact with the people important to you? *

How has the contact with people important to you improved over the last year? *

Are you involved in plans about your future? *

How well do people listen to your views? *

Can you make your space your own? *

Are you told what grown ups say about your life? *

Are you told about your rights, what you can and cant have without asking? *

How much help do have in finding out what you are good at? *

How often do you get to have your say about school?. *

Have you always been able to have the same Social Worker you would like? *

Do grown ups like your Social Worker tell you what they are doing for you and why? *

Does what you believe in and who you are get taken into account? *

Have you been able to stay in the same school,even when you have had to move home? *

Have you been offered help to stay out of trouble? *

How often are your religious and cultural beliefs taken into account? *

How often are you given information about the help you can get about further education? *

Have you been able to stay in the same school, even when you have to move home? *

How often have you been offered help to stay out of trouble? *

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Thank you for completing the survey. We will post the result on the Us in Care website. Also we will take the findings to the CiCC and to the high up managers called the Corporate Parents.