Other things

Some things you need to know 

We promise that we will:

  • Make sure that you keep in contact with people that are important to you.
  • Ask you to help us to make plans about your future.
  • Make sure that you have somewhere to live and can make it your home.
  • Give you information about how you are being looked after, things that you can do and your rights.
  • Help you to be successful at school and in the things that you like to do. 

It’s all about you

Your religion  -   We’ll help you with prayers, religious study, ceremonies and festivals.   You won’t have to eat foods that you should not eat because of your religion.    We’ll help with your clothes  and ways of dressing that are acceptable or unacceptable for your religion.

Your identity  -   The language you were brought up to speak is important. If you have difficulty with English, we’ll make sure someone interprets what is said and translates written documents for you.  We can also help you to learn about your race and culture.