Somewhere to live

To help you to find somewhere to live we will:

  • Give you at least £2000 to buy the things you need to set up a home.
  • Ask you where you want to live and what type of place you want to live in.  Then we will help you to find what you want.
  • Help you to make sure that the place that you live in is in the right area for you to go to college or work.
  • Check out the landlord or provider of any place that we help you to live in. 

The places that you could live in include: 

  • With foster carers
  • Residential care, for example in a children’s home, which may have additional help to get you ready to live on your own.   
  • Supported Lodgings - with someone who will let you live independnetly, but can help you if you want them to - Click here to see a video about supported lodgings - Click here for more details - Click here to get an application form for a place in supported lodgings.
  • A private rented home in a house or flat
  • Supported housing, such as Britton House or Charles England House.
  • A special place that you need because you have a disability, or you are pregnant or a single parent.
  • The Trainer Flat to help you learn how to live independently.  Click here to find out about the Trainer flat. 

If you are at a college or university that is far away, or you cannot use your term time home in the holidays, we can help to find a place to live in South Gloucestershire during the holidays.


Click here to find out about the Trainer Flat and see a video  

Click here to see a video about supported lodgings

Click here to see a video of S Glos young people describing how leaving care was for them