Making a complaint

How can I complain?
  • You can talk or write to Alison Parker (Complaints & FOI Manager).

     Tel: 01454 865924  Email:  If when you call you are put through to a voicemail, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible. 

     You will need to tell us what you want us to do differently, or what you want us to do to sort it out.    An advocate from Reconstruct can help you write a letter - Click here to find out about this. 

    Comments and Compliments is about telling someone what you think: If you are happy with what we do, we want to know. We can then make sure we carry on doing things well.

    The complaints service has three stages:

    Most things are sorted out at Stage 1. We will explain more and answer your questions if you do make a complaint, but the 3 stages are:

    Click here to download a leaflet describing the complaints procedure.


Stage 1:

The manager of the service you are complaining about, will investigate and get back to you, usually within 10 working days. If you aren’t happy with the answer at Stage 1 and if we still can’t sort it out when you tell us why, you can ask that your complaint is moved on to the next stage. 

Stage 2:

Two people will investigate your complaint and then write reports telling us what they think and a more senior manager will write to you after reading the reports.  If you are still not happy with the answers you get you can request to take your complaint to Stage 3.

Stage 3:

Three people from outside the Council sit down together and look at how we have replied to your complaint and tell us if they think we should have said or done things differently. The Director for Children , adults and Health will then write to you.

If you are still unhappy with the way we have answered your complaint, you can contact the Local Government Ombudsman, who will look at what we have done and tell us if they think we have got it wrong and what they think we should do to put things right. 


If you don't want to contact Alison, you can speak to someone outside of the council 

You could contact either:

  • The Children's Commissioner
  • Or the Ombudsman
The Children's Commissioner can help you to make sure that your rights are being upheld - Click here to find out more

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