An advocate's job is to listen to you, and help you to make your voice heard about what is being decided about you.  They will only do what you say you would like them to do.   Click here to see a video about advocacy


Advocates are:

  • Independent people who work for an organisation called Reconstruct
  • Do not work for social services
  • You can contact them without your social worker or carer or anyone else knowing
  • You can ask your carer, teacher, relative, friend to phone for you.

For an advocate: Ring: 0800 389 1571 (freephone) or  Email:

When you ring Reconstruct, they will arrange for an advocate to meet with you and agree what you would like help with.  What young people say:

  • 'The advocate helped me and got everyone at the meeting to explain things'
  • 'I'm shy and I wouldn't have said anything at the meeting if I hadn't had an advocate'
  • 'You can talk to them about things that you can't talk about to your social worker'

If after meeting an advocate you are still not happy you can make a complaint.

 Click here to find out more about making a complaint