(that's Frequently Asked Questions)


Having medical treatment

Will other people like my parents or social worker need to know?

If you are over 16 you normally have an absolute right to confidentiality, so no.

If you are under 16 and you think you are old enough to decide about medical treatment by yourself, you must tell the doctor that you do not want other people to know, and explain why. It is still up to the doctor to decide if he or she agrees with you. If the doctor chooses to tell someone else such as your social worker, he or she should tell you before and give you the reasons.

If your doctor has told your social worker about your request for medical treatment, your social worker will have to decide whether to tell your parents, and should find out how you feel about it beforehand.

What if I don't want the treatment?

You should discuss this with your social worker or Liz, the looked after children's nurse, who will then talk with your doctor. Or talk to the doctor yourself.

Your social worker may need to talk with your parents.

Even if you are over 16, your parents and/or your social worker may have the right to 'overrule' your decision.

 If you disagree with the treatment, Children’s Social Care may apply to the court for an Order requiring you to have the treatment. This is a very complicated area, and you should talk to a solicitor. You will be able to put your views to the court through your solicitor.

Having counselling

Do I have to see a Counsellor or a Therapist?

Your social worker or the court will only arrange for you to see a counsellor or therapist if they think it will help you. Their job is to help you and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

If you find you are not being helped you should tell the person you are seeing and try to explain why. You should also tell your social worker. Ultimately, no one can force you to do this.

Medical reports

Can I see any report written about me by a doctor?

The doctor may agree to give you a copy of any report that he/she has written. That will depend on whether the doctor feels you are mature enough to understand what is contained in the report. If they refuse, you should ask your social worker who can help you challenge the doctor's decision.