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Liz Dando, the nurse for young people in care

I carry out health assessments every year to make sure you aren’t missing out on anything important such as injections, dentist visits, etc. I’m available to give advice on any health concerns/issues you have.

Tel: 01454 866 422   Mob: 07881 586218  Email: elizabeth.dando@southglos.gov.uk

 Your good health is really important. The adults around you want you to be healthy. You will...

  • See a doctor or nurse to assess your health.   Soon after you are first in care, and then once a year, you will see doctor or nurse who will give you a health assessment. He or she will look at your health records  and ask you about your health, and decide what needs to be done to make sure you are healthy
  • Have someone to ask for help and advice. If you are worried about anything to do with your health you should talk to your carer, social worker or Liz, the nurse for children in care
  • Have regular teeth and eye checks. We will encourage you to go to the dentist and optician regularly. We will help you go to medical appointments when you need to
  • Have help with any disability you may have

If you have a disability we will make sure that you and your carer have the equipment or help that you need

  • Have a healthy diet and help you to take exercise. We will encourage you to have a healthy lifestyle. For example, by eating healthy food, taking exercise
  • Help you to have fun, and be happy. We will encourage you to do fun things in your spare time. We will help you with being happy and enjoying life. If you thing of something that you would like to do, ask your carer about it


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