Your "care plan"

  • Everyone in care has a care plan. It contains lots of information about you and your plans for the future.
  • It will include the low-down on where you live, when you see your family, your health, education, and what will happen when you leave care.
  • Put it simply, a care plan is one big file about your life. It says what will be done and when will it be done.
  • It includes the details about your care, why you went into care, your parents’ views and your hopes for the future.
  • Part of your care plan is a Personal Education Plan (PEP) which records how you’re doing in school to check you are getting the support you need.
  • You’ll also get a health plan – it’s nothing scary – it just means you’ll get all the health and dental treatment you need.
  • Your care plan will be updated at your review.