When you are 15 ¾ yrs..

Preparing to leave care is about learning to look after yourself and can start at any time.   However, when you are age 15 ¾ your social worker will begin to write your Pathway Plan and will ask you about your plans for the future and what should be in your Plan.  It is important that you take part in deciding what is in your Pathway Plan as it replaces your Care Plan and describes your plans for leaving care and the help you will get.   You will need to sign your Pathway Plan to show that you are happy with what it says.  It will be reviewed every six months just as your Care Plan was.

Around the time that your Pathway Plan is written, your social worker will make sure that you have the things you need to live independently –such as:

  • National Insurance number
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Bank Account

Some time between your 16th and 18th birthdays your social worker will change, and your new social worker will be from the Leaving Care team.  Your new social worker (called a Personal Advisor) will specialise in supporting care leavers and so will be better able to help you.