My Social Worker

"My Social Worker is fun to be around. She understands me. She helps me to sort it out when I have arguments with my foster parents".  

 Young Person in Care


A social worker is someone who helps children and young people and their families when they go through difficult times. You will have your own social worker when you are in care. Your Social Worker will be working with other young people and families as well.

Your social worker will:

  • Get to know you and what you want
  • Help you with any problems you may have, and give you advice and support
  • Work with you, your parents and carers to make plans for your future
  • Make sure you have everything you need


Your social worker will visit you

  • within one week of the start of your move
  • then every six weeks for the first year
  • then at least every three months

If you want to see your social worker more often, tell him / her.


Where will I meet my social worker?

The law says that your social worker has to visit you from time to time to time at the place where you are living. Other meetings can be in other places. Suggest where you would like to meet. 

If your social worker visits you where you live, he / she should:

  • Spend time talking with you, not just with your carers
  • Make time to talk with you on your own in private