Finding my new home

Your home can be

  • with relatives or friends
  • with foster carers
  • in a children’s home or boarding school
  • with new parents who adopt you so that you are legally part of their family.


How is my home chosen?

“When we choose your home we are looking for somewhere that will meet your needs.

We will always try to choose the best for you. But sometimes we cannot find what we would prefer, as it might not be available.

When looking for your home, we will take seriously the following:

  • what you say you want
  • living with relatives or friends
  • carers who will help you to keep you in contact with family and friends
  • making sure your family background, culture, language and religion are understood and valued
  • your education
  • your health
  • any special needs you may have”

say the Social Workers in the Family Placement Team 


What happens if I move home?

Everyone will work hard to get you the help you need to stay where you are.

See Who can help? for advice on what you can do.

Before you move, your social worker should be able to arrange for you to visit your new home and meet the people who are going to look after you. If this is not possible, your social worker will tell you about your new home as much as possible.

Your social worker will give information about you to your new carers. This helps your carers look after you properly.